Urban Sustainability Curriculum for Collaborative e-learning MOOC

AScUS (un)Conference 2021
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Session Lead: Shauhrat S. Chopra

The next-generation engineer must be skilled in urban sustainability to lead the transition towards smart, green, and resilient cities. There is a need to develop urban sustainability curricula and courses at the high-school and undergraduate-level to introduce the complexities in urban social-ecological-technical systems. This need is especially exemplified in megacities from the global south, where the sustainability challenges are most evident and concerning. With the expansion of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) platforms, such as edX, we find an opportunity to co-design an urban sustainability course with members from AScUS. The conference's international nature will allow us to stitch together a collaborative e-learning course that democratizes fundamental theoretical urban sustainability knowledge and shares successful infrastructure systems case-studies from cities across the globe.

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