As part of the unconference, participants were asked to vote for various awards. The following work/people/sessions have received the AScUS 2021 awards:

Three-way tie:
What are the optimal boundaries of local reuse actions?

Organizer: Hamilton Ortiz

Urban Metabolism: From early studies to learning activities for sustainable cities, urban planning and design

Organizer: Nadine Ibrahim

Circularity: just science fiction?

Organizers: Heather Rogers, Santiago Perez, Aodhan Newsholme, and Malgorzata Lekan

Ecological network analysis of an emergy metabolic system based on input–output tables: Model development and case study for Vienna

The rapid population growth accompanied by health concerns and other global environmental problems in cities and regions has boosted the popularity of ‘urban metabolism’ topic among academics and policy makers. Being among...

Author: Oleksandr Galychyn

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Hamilton Ortiz

Mechanical engineer from Universidad Nacional (Colombia) and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Unicamp (Brazil). 10-year experience with energy efficiency in industry and building, as design engineer and consultant.....

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Path-to-Action awards

In addition, the session organizers developed 'Path-to-Action' documents -- voting is currently open and we will report the results here when voting closes.